Cauliflower Pizza Crust (must see!)

In this episode of #cookingwithcarson we share how easy it is to make a gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust.  This is the perfect lunch and snack for kids (and they won’t have any idea they are eating veggies!)  It’s budget friendly and healthy.  Hope you give it a try!

Here is the recipe for the crust.

NOTES:  Follow the recipe above (make sure to really really squeeze out the water from the cauliflower!) and bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  Add sauce, cheese, and desired toppings and bake again at 375 for about 5-7 minutes or until the cheese is melted.  Enjoy!

SilChef Silicon Baking Mat



P.S.  Yes, I am 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant in this video.  No baby, yet!

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Quick Father’s Day Gift Ideas! (feat. Shutterfly + coupon code)

In this video I share three quick ideas for father’s day photo gifts for your husband!  Everything is under $25!

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Looking for what I’ve featured in this video?


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Hi, all!  It’s the unofficial start of summer, and I want to share some quick Dollar Tree hacks!  I’ll show you how to make a DIY infinity scarf, how to haul beach toys, how to store paper plates and picnic items, and a simple way to keep your gym bag (or any bag!) smelling great!

P.S.  You can also find Heat n Bond tape here!


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What’s in my hospital bag…the real deal

As a second time mom, you actually know what you need to pack for the hospital because you’ve been there, done that. Here’s my real-deal version of how to pack your hospital bag. And I even poke a little fun at my old video. Enjoy!

Mama Natural Birth Plan (FREE and you can customize, which is what I did)

Target Sleep Chemise

Target Nursing Bra

Another bra I like

Baggallini Travel Bag

Travel Tubes


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Dollar Tree Dinosaur Birthday Party!

In this video I share ideas to plan a birthday party from Dollar Tree!  Carson is turning 3…ah!  Being 9 months pregnant, I was so fortunate that my mom planned this entire party and we just got to show up and enjoy.  She did a great job creating a fun-packed afternoon using dollar store supplies.  Hope you enjoy, too!

*Dinosaur Cups (she splurged, yikes mom!)
*Dinosaur Balloons


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Stop making organizing mistakes!

We’ve all been there.  Order turns to chaos and we wonder why.  In this video I share with you my favorite tricks for getting organized so you aren’t sabotaging your progress– most people end up not following these simple steps that could really turn it around.

Marie Kondo’s Book

Links to information and studies here:
Power of touch study
Pain of decluttering
Article that sums it up


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Complete kitchen organization makeover!

Lots of kitchen organizing ideas on a Dollar Store budget!  Many of you ask where to start organizing, especially when your kitchen feels overwhelmed.  I love this kitchen because it is multipurpose and in an older home.  You don’t need a brand new kitchen to love your space.  Here is how I took some disaster areas and made them super functional.  Easy tricks and tips anyone can use 🙂

This is my label maker that is a great price and I LOVE!

  1. DON’T GET STUCK IN A RUT–  Putting things back where you always put them is easy, but it isn’t always efficient.  Assess what you have by removing EVERYTHING and making sure you’ve truly found the best location for your items.  This will help you consolidate, too.  Time to get rid of multiple can openers! 😉
  2. DESIGNATE DRAWERS– Shop the Dollar Store for bins and create systems
  3. PRACTICE WITH BINS– See how the bins will fit in the space with nothing in them.  This will allow you to maximize the area and move as quickly as possible.
  4. DON’T OVER-STUFF!– Keep your bins simple.  There should be only 1 (maybe 2) types of items per bin and there should be at least 20% free space in each area.  It will help it stay organized.
  5. LABEL EVERYTHING–  This seems like overkill.  But I PROMISE it’s not in the kitchen.  This will help it stay organized no matter who empties the dishwasher.  Here is my label maker!
  6. LAYER BINS-Especially in high up or deep areas.  Pull out what’s in front to access what’s in the back.
  7. KEEP TUPPERWARE IN TWO SEPARATE BINS– One for the base and one for the lids.  Purge containers without matches.  Hello, organization!
  8. KEEP IT SIMPLE ON YOUR EYE– Especially in large zones like pots and pans.  The less your mind is fighting to see the better.
  9. UTILIZE THE DOOR SPACE–  I use Dollar Store command hooks to hand low profile items on the inside of cabinet doors.
  10. DOLLAR STORE BIN FOR SPICES–  These are easy to pull out and put away, and this system rarely gets messy, no matter how many people use it!
  11. ORGANIZED DOESN’T MEAN NEW–  Pinterest teaches use that pretty, new things are organized.  This is NOT true.  You don’t need a new home to love your space.
  12. GIVE SPECIALTY ITEMS A SPECIALTY HOME–  Kids’ sippy cups are so annoying!  Give things that take over a designated area so they stop ruling the kitchen.

I hope you found these tips helpful and enjoyed the video!


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Restoration Hardware shelf for $8!

In this Dollar Tree DIY I show you an easy shelf inspired by the high-end Restoration Hardware shelf you can make for just $8.  Hope you enjoy!
1x4x24 Pine
1x6x24 Pine
Wood Glue
Gorilla Glue
Screws (and drywall anchors if necessary)
Sharpie (optional)


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